The survey is a worldwide questionnaire organized by Latestfuels and promoted by meal replacement brands that aims to collaborate with complete food users and understand the state of the market.
One of the first Complete Food surveys was started by Ted Tieken (Sated) in 2015. The current iteration of the CFS can be attributed to Queal and Saturo; and there’s data from 2017 online. In 2019, the survey was handed down to Latestfuels in order to remove some brand bias.
The survey is currently organized by Enaut Irazabalbeitia, owner of Latestfuels.com. Latestfuels is a media site focused on in-depth information, reviews and news about Complete Food options and the latest nutritional products.
The survey wants to be a platform to connect complete food users and brands; and promote the complete foo market. It aims to do so by collecting worldwide users' concerns, analyzing year by year trends and directly communicating that to the brands.
If you are a brand, please email at completefoodsurvey@latestfuels.com for all the details. All Complete Food brands are welcome to help promoting the survey. If you are an individual, for now you can only help by filling out the survey once a year. Thank you for you enthusiasm, though.

Complete Food Survey 2020

contact us at completefoodsurvey@latestfuels.com