2019 Survey Your Thoughts Count!

Just like in previous years, the Complete Food Survey is a collaboration between different complete food companies. The data that is generated will be used to get an overview of the industry and to learn about pioneers' thoughts and opinions, so that we can serve you better in the future.

The 2019 Survey runs until the 22nd of September and takes 10 minutes to complete. All information will, of course, be treated confidentially. Optionally, you can sign up to receive the eventual analysis of the results and to be invited again next year.

Aside from the eternal gratitude you'll receive by participating, you will have a chance to win a package worth of Complete Foods from the participating companies. Awesome, right?!

Please click the button below to participate and send this survey on to any other awesome users of complete foods you know!

An initiative carried out by Latestfuels. With support from Blendrunner, EatComplete, GenesisFoods, Holfood, Jake, Jimmyjoy, KetoChow, Küik, Next Level Meal, Repas en poudre, Powdermatter, Queal, Satislent, Saturo, Super Body Fuel, Trinkkost, and Vitaline. Always open to anybody that wants to help spreading the word.

Why take part in the Complete Food Survey?

To voice you opinion on the different issues regarding the Complete Food market. Ever felt like your thoughts are not being listened? Or that there is something missing; products, flavours, services...? Ever thought that the prices are too high? Or have you ever wanted to buy a product and then realized you are unable to purchase it? The Complete Food Survey is the ideal platform to raise these concerns.

Besides that, it is also a way for companies to understand your needs as a customer. To have a clue where to head next and how they could improve their services. Ultimately, the Complete Food Survey gathers data that will be useful for brands to better suit your needs.

Hopefully, it will also be a useful tool to expand the knowledge about Complete Foods and help with the integration of the masses. Further normalization of Complete Foods will drive a lowering in prices, increased competition, better offering and brands reaching customers further away.

Help us, to help you

What is the Complete Food Survey

The Complete Food Survey is an initiative to gather information about the state of meal replacements worldwide; and a gate to communicate between brands and the community. The aim of CFS is to increase the cooperation between brands and customers. With that accomplished the market should improve and grow at a higher rate. Ultimately, CFS should be a useful tool for everybody to share their thoughts and help the Complete Food market.


Who is Complete Food Survey?

The Complete Food Survey aims to be an independent body to be able to analyse the Complete Food market in a non-biased manner. It was initially organized by Queal and Saturo; and it has been handed down to Latestfuels, in 2019. The reason for this move has been largely to seek a neutral party to organize the survey.

However, these are just but the organizers of the survey. The real identity of the CFS is YOU, the respondents, the Complete Food customers, that give your honest opinion on the different topics. Also, we should not forget, all the brand and media pages that give support to this initiative and help spreading the word.

Because at the end of the day, the Complete Food Survey is but the reflection of the community around Complete Foods.


Thank you for your collaboration

An honest thank you to all those who fill the survey, help spreading the word about it and have supported the initiative at any point. Thank you to those that belive we can make Complete Foods better. Thank you to all that appreciate the work that goes behind the scenes.

On behalf of all the participating companies we would like to express our gratitude to the participants.

I hope that Complete Foods are having a positive impact on your life,

Eñaut, Founder of Latestfuels

Complete Food Survey 2019

contact us at completefoodsurvey@latestfuels.com