CFS 2020 Is Here!

The Complete Food Survey ‘19 was a huge success, thanks to the community’s involvement. In fact, we have seen some of the feedback received being applied during 2020. As such, we hope to further increase the reach of the survey this year to keep improving the Complete Food market.

I must admit that 2020 has been a crazy year. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, albeit differently. Both brands and customers have suffered the effects of the global crisis, mostly in a negative way. Despite the madness of the situation, I for once, have found that Complete Foods have helped me to keep my weight, ensure a balanced nutrition and reduce any food related stress. Thus, amid the darkness of the pandemic Complete Foods have been a beacon of light and I am thankful to the people behind the brands that have made this possible.

Hopefully, it has been similar for you and Complete Foods have helped you survive 2020. Either way, here’s your chance to let us know about your experience and share your thoughts on the state of Complete Foods.

An initiative carried out by Latestfuels. With support from Actualize, Blendrunner, EatComplete, GenesisFoods, Holfood, Jake, Lently, KetoChow, Küik, Repas en poudre, Queal, Sated, Super Body Fuel, and Vitaline. Always open to anybody that wants to help spreading the word.


3 Reasons Why You Should Participate This Year

#1 - There are up to 10 Complete Food Giveaways for completing the survey, each worth over $50!

See some of the fantastic products given away last year:


#2 - All participants will enjoy 10% discount codes in all the brands that take part in the Complete Food Survey when you fill in the questionnaire.

#3 - Your feedback is being heard and actively taken into account by the companies. This year we have seen many advances in the Complete Food market which were highligthed in CFS 2019.

When and How

The Survey will go live on the 16th of October at 12am GMT!

The survey will be live from the 16th of October until the 1st of November (Sunday)

You will be able to participate during those two weeks. Most of the giveaways will be announced the week after the survey finishes, but there could be few shared during the survey. The analysis will come at a later day, somewhere between the 15th of November and the start of December.

As usual, you will be able to read the analysis here or at In fact, I will be doing some more coverage and featured articles on Latestfuels, so please check it out if you are interested.

Learn About CFS

Are you interested to know what we found out in previous years? You can check the analysis using the navigation menu above or follow one these:

Interview with one of the '19 winners

Who Are You?

My name is Dan, I'm in my mid-thirties, and work as a project manager in non-profit development.

Why Do You Consume Food and How Do You Find Them Helpful?

I originally began looking into complete foods because I was going to have jaw surgery, which necessitates a liquid diet during the seven week recovery period. I was seeking something that would keep me healthy during that time and stumbled upon meal replacements, which worked perfectly for my recovery. Afterward, I kept drinking complete foods afterward because I found them to be extremely useful: they're semi-affordable, fairly healthy, easy to make, and don't require a lot of thought about what I'm going to eat or if I have the right ingredients. I found myself saving a lot of time and energy with them, particularly for my work lunches. I could drink a shake and be back at tackling a work assignment within five minutes.

If You Were in Charge to Create One Product, What Would It Be?

This is a tough question! I suppose my interest wouldn't be in one product in particular, but in pushing the industry to move toward widening the appeal of their offerings.

The last year has been promising in that regard in that a number of interesting and innovative products have hit the market. Queal released Ready, Vite Ramen opened its doors, and Mana has announced a complete burger. All of these are welcome advances, particularly in the winter months where warm meals are most valued. I would hope to see more solid meal offerings in the near future - when I discuss meal replacements with people, the key objection made is that they like to chew their meals. The above products from Queal, Vite Ramen, and Mana smewhat address this, but so long as the industry's focus remains on liquid offerings complete foods will continue to be a niche market.

Long term, I also hope to see companies bringing down the costs of their products. Some complete foods are more affordable than others, but for people with limited income or large families they currently are not viable options.

From the Products Received on the Giveaway, Which One Did You Like Best? What Surprised You the Most?

There were several good products from the giveaway. Ketolent surprised me the most - I'm not interested in the keto diet and had heard bad things about the keto flu, but I experienced none of those symptoms and the drinks Ketolent offered were both delicious and surprisingly filling. I was quite impressed. The product I enjoyed most was from Super Body Fuel. I ended up getting their Milk Fuel powder, which also has great flavors and which allowed for a great deal of customizing. I've ordered from them again and plan on continuing to do so in the future.

Thank you for your collaboration

As organizer and Complete Food enthusiast, I want to thank you all that take part in this survey year in and year out. I believe that we are on a stage where we can still make a change and shape the future of Complete Foods; both with our wallets and by sharing our thougths in platforms such as this one. I hope that we will keep growing the Complete Food Survey and keep involving more companies as the years go by.

On behalf of all the participating companies we would like to express our gratitude to the participants.

I hope that Complete Foods are having a positive impact on your life,

Eñaut, Founder of Latestfuels

Complete Food Survey 2020

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