2019 Survey Responses 1,108 a Record Number! Thank You!

The Complete Food Survey 2019 is now officially closed. This year we had a record breaking number of participants: 1,108 respondents! This is 33% more than the previous year! Thank you!

As an organiser, it has been tedious and arduous work. However, it feels extremely gratifying when we get such a positive response. Even though, the most positive predictions were not met (doubling last year's number); it has been a great result.

This year's survey was longer than initially intended, therefore, I appreciate everybody that took time to fill it in. It was encouraging to see that most of the people filled in all the responses, even the ones that required typing.

Therefore, I have nothing to say, but showcase my sincere gratitude to all the participants, and also the brands that helped the initiative.

Thank you brands

An initiative carried out by Latestfuels. With support from Blendrunner, GenesisFoods, Holfood, Jake, Jimmyjoy, KetoChow, Küik, Next Level Meal, Repas en poudre, Powdermatter, Queal, Satislent, Saturo, Super Body Fuel, Trinkkost, and Vitaline. Always open to anybody that wants to help spreading the word.

Giveaway were you the lucky winner?

I am sorry to let you know that if you did not get an email from me, you were not the winner this time. All 5 winners have been contacted already.

Indeed, they were 5 winners this year; two from the United States and 3 from Europe (France, Ireland and Sweden). The Europeans will be able to enjoy a package worth around €85 of Complete Food. The products were kindly provided by the participating brands, as showcased in the picture.

On the other hand, the winners in the US will receive vouchers for free samples (for equal value to the European counterparts) from the North American brands that supported the 2019 Complete Food Survey.

Congratulations to the winners!


Analysis of the Complete Food Survey

The full analysis of the Complete Food Survey is a complex and lengthy process. Due to the fact that will be carried away by Latestfuels, there are personnel and time constraints. In order to provide the public with a comprehensive analysis in a well laid out manner, I (Latestfuels) will not rush the issue. Therefore, the full analysis of the Survey will be available in about a month's time (15th of November the latest.

While I understand that this is a long period, long enough for people to forget about it, I think this is the best approach for a quality delivery of the information and a proper analysis. The results will be available in both Latestfuels and this page.

5 Fun Facts While the analysis is being done

Here are some preliminary fun facts:

#1 - This year we had answers from people who have never tried Complete Food.

Most seem interested in the concept, but said that they did not have enough information to trust the products.

#2 - 1,057 people who consume Complete Food. 46% of people with over two years of experience.

Complete Food Experience

#3 - Satisfaction is high for effectiveness but not for product offering.

Interestingly, the vast majority (70%) were satisfied with how Complete Foods helped them to achieve their dietary goals. Nonetheless, only 57% were happy with the Complete Food offering in their region.

#4 - 41% of people have taken a break of longer than one month at some point.

#5 - Nearly 60% of respondents said that they buy from more than one brand.

The reason given most often was that they wanted different flavours. Other popular reasons included people looking for deals, different nutritional profiles or just curiosity.

Thank you for your collaboration

An honest thank you to all those who filled out the survey, helped spreading the word about it and have supported the initiative at any point. Thank you to those that believe we can make Complete Foods better. Thank you to all that appreciate the work that goes behind the scenes.

On behalf of all the participating companies we would like to express our gratitude to the participants.

I hope that Complete Foods are having a positive impact on your life,

Eñaut, Founder of Latestfuels

Thank you Latestfuels

Complete Food Survey 2019

contact us at completefoodsurvey@latestfuels.com